17thRealm x Young Scolla Interview

As promised, we at the 17thRealm bring to you the exclusive, insightful, interview with the one and only Young Scolla. Chill out, kick back, and get focused. LET'S GO.......

First of all, thank you for taking the time out to kick w/ us over here at the 17thRealm. How're things going for you?

YS: Thanks for the opportunity fam, I truly appreciate it and everything is everything over here. Just been working hard to try and stay consistent and bring the people some great music.

17thRealm: In One Sentence, Who Is Young Scolla?

YS: Young Scolla is a determined, driven and talented, young black man, who is motivated by life and self-expression.

17thRealm: How long have you been officially making music?

YS: I've been making music professionally for the past 6 years but I've been making music/performing for the past 14 years.

17thRealm: How would you describe your sound/style of music?

YS: I make life music. I try to keep my sound and content as genuine, raw and honest as possible because I feel like that is what relates to the people. It's easier for you to identify with an honest individual because you feel like they're just like you and they've been through the situations you been through.
I've been known to body any style of production (lol) but I feel like I have an old soul. So I lean towards soul-sample beats and production with the live drum feel. I love the "EPIC" sound.

17thRealm: Tell us about yourself. What life experiences influence your music?

YS: I was born in Memphis, TN to Cameroonian parents and raised from the age 6 yrs on in Detroit/Southfield, Michigan. As kid and even to this day my parents have surrounded my brothers and I with the widest span of musical genres you could think of., from their native music to jazz to hip-hop. So my whole life I've gotten to take in many sounds and cultures.

I've also done a lot of moving and traveling as well as experienced living in the hood and living in the suburbs so I've taken in almost every situation you could think of and gotten to interact with people of all walks of life. It's those experiences that highly influence the content of my music.

17thRealm: Name the top 5 artists that have influenced your music.

YS: (In No Particular Order) Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Nas, JDilla, Tupac

17thRealm: Out of the newcomers in the game right now, who do you see still being relevant in the next 10 years?

YS: Of course I'm gonna be biased to artists coming out of the crib (Michigan) but right now I'm eager to see how J.Cole's situation pans out 'cuz that boy right there is someone you can't sleep on.

17thRealm: Your ultimate dream collaboration would feature you and what other artist(s)?

YS: I used to say my dream record would be one with Jay-Z but that's changed. If I could do a record with anyone before I die, I would love to do a record with Andre 3000, ?uestLove on the drums and Lauren Hill on the vocals.

17thRealm: How do you feel about the trends that are going on in hip hop right now?

YS: There have been trends in music and entertainment period for as long as it's been around so it nothing new. I just feel like there should never be an over saturation of a particular style, there's always got to be a balance. I'm proud to see the kind of music that my peers and I have been producing. The control needs to continue to stay back in the hands of the underdogs and the indie artists.

Make sure you guys stay tuned to the 17thRealm for more material from Young Scolla, as well as the rest of his U.S.R. team. Be on the lookout for his latest upcoming projects; "Escaping Reality EP" & 'Renaissance Dreams', and dont forget to check him out on TWITTER, MYSPACE, & and search for 'Young Scolla' on Facebook.

Thanks for smoothin' out w/ us.........2!