Earlly Mac x Revive: Commercial

Detroit’s own Earlly Mac pays homage to REVIVE in Birmingham, Michigan. This holiday season REVIVE proved that hard work pays off, making moves to bring nothing but the best. The mission is to REVIVE Michigan. Lookout for these hometown heroes to team up again and make moves for all of MI.

Earlly Mac’s debut mixtape “Party Up” can be downloaded at www.earllymac.com.

Soundtrack : Earlly Mac – Champion Sh*t
Twitter – @EarllyMac
Produced By : THE WORK (http://theworkthework.com)

Danny Brown "The Hybrid" The Videos...

So hopefully by now you've decided to stop bein a B***H for the rest of your life, and have learned The Hybrid album from front to back. But those of you who are still b***h made, and haven't had a chance to get into it, here's some visuals for the project that Danny has put together so far.......enjoy!

(a few of these vids were released before the album dropped, but most of 'em are only a few months old....still fresh....so dont feel bad, loL)

1. “Greatest Rapper Ever” produced by Quelle

2. “Need Another Drink” produced by Mainframe
3. “New Era” produced by Nick Speed
4. “Exotic” produced by Danny! Swain
5. “I’m Out” produced by Chuck Inglish

6. “Re-Up” produced by Quelle

7. “Nowhere 2 Go” produced by Denmark Vessey

8. “Shootin’ Moves” produced by Frank Dukes

9. “The Nana Song” produced by Danny! Swain

10. “Guitar Solo” produced by Quelle
11. “White Stripes” produced by Quelle
12. “Juno” produced by Mosel
13. “Thank God” produced by Mosel
14. “Drinks On Me” produced by Quelle
15. “Generation Rx” produced by 14KT

16. “S.O.S.” produced by Slopfunkdust

Earlly Mac - "Party Up" {D/L}

Yea, yea, yea i know you been patiently waiting. But have I ever let you down?? (didn't think so).....CRACK A SEAL, DUMP SOME GUTS, AND PUT YA MUTHAFU***N HANDS UP!!!

Party Up features production from heavyweights such as Mr. Porter, Xtraordinary Gentlemen, KeY Wane, and Bei Maejor. Followed with guest appearences from Finally Famous, and Fly Union........FOOOOOOOOOOOOLAY!!!!