Young Scolla - Tears & Triumphs {Project Coming Soon}


The latest installment in the legacy of he who is Young Scolla, Tears & Triumphs, is slated for a late August release. This gonna be something for you to bang while you back to school....(FYI)PRODUCTION IS CRAZY ON THIS THING!!
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17-year-old swaps old phone for Porsche Boxster on Craigslist {Video included}

If you don't currently own a Porsche Boxster, you probably wouldn't mind having one in the garage. Seventeen-year-old Steven Ortiz turned wishes and hopes into hard work and determination to finally land a shiny silver 2000 Boxster, but he didn't tap into a trust fund or bust open a few piggy banks to meet his goal. All he used was an old cell phone, Craigslist and a lot of time.

Ortiz bartered that phone for an iPod, then traded the iPod for a dirt bike and from the dirt bike came a series of cars, an SUV and finally one mighty attractive drop-top with an engine in the boot. The man just got his license and he's already rocking a Porsche... what a country.

The local ABC affiliate in Glendora, California interviewed Ortiz, and from the limited shots of the car, the man's Boxster looks far better than even the smartest of smart phones. Hit the jump to watch the video for yourself, and if you're thinking of asking Ortiz to swap some old junk for an Italian exotic, his friends already beat you to it. It's apparently harder to do than it sounds.

[Source: ABC News]

Mike Posner's Homecoming

USR’s own 50 Barz (Drama Free ENT) is brining Michigan native, Mike Posner to Cheli’s Chili for an After Party Performance event on July 30th.

Hosted by 955 and Mojo In The Morning

PL – “Checkered Flag Music” Ft. Young Scolla

Willy J Peso - Destination Cloud 9 {mixtape D/L}



Mean Swag Promotions & USR Presents Destination Cloud 9

Sponsored By Our Style Kicks (make sure you hit up OSKicks)

As expected, this project is a certified BANGER!!! fully chocked w/ features from Young Scolla, Flawless (The Olympicks), K-Bunz, Will Grinden, Oba Rowland. J-Neely and more.

USR Movin!!....Whole Team Winning!!!

Dusty McFly - Brick Fare

Here's some straight drop off the long awaited project, Buffies & Benihanas, from Detroit's own Dusty McFly. Buffies & Benihanas is slated to drop late this summer.


Just in cased you missed it, peep the Buffies & Benihanas Trailer............its gon be a movie yall, stand up Detroit!!!!

Mike Posner – 31 Minutes To Takeoff {Artwork}

The long awaited album from hometown hero, Mike Posner, is due to drop this summer August 10!!!!

Earlly Mac - Macaroni

(side note:) i know i been gon' for a minute, but im bacccc!!!!! lol ANYWAY, back to business....

*NEW* Earlly Mac for yall!!!, this one's called "Macaroni" feat. (and prod. by) key Wane

file this under: FOOLAY!!! ==> bcuz "if u not foolin, then what are you doin?!"

"Macaroni (Final Version)"