5 fingers to a HO!, literally!!!

It took a month to leak, but ShamWow TV pitchman Vince Shlomi was arrested for allegedly battering a prostitute in Miami Beach, according to the Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Police reports obtained by the site TheSmokingGun.com say that Shlomi, famous for his fast-paced sales pitch of the super-absorbent cloth, met 26-year-old prostitute Sasha Harris at a nightclub on Feb. 7 and brought her to a hotel. He paid her $1,000 for “straight sex” and kissed her before she bit his tongue and would not let go, according to the documents.

The police report says that Shlomi then beat Harris until she released his tongue. Shlomi then ran to the hotel lobby, where security called the police, according to the Sun-Sentinel report. Shlomi was later treated at a hospital.

As for Harris, she received lacerations and facial fractures, the report says, and police recovered $930 from her purse. Photos appeared on TheSmokingGun.com that purportedly show Harris after the incident.

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