Jim Jones, Trick Trick Deny Detroit Shooting Allegations


The Detroit Free Press reports Jim Jones and Trick Trick [click to read] were present during a shooting that occurred at the Detroit nightclub, Esko Lounge. Sgt. Eren Bell was quoted and named Trick Trick (government name Christian Mathis) as one of the patrons shot in the thigh at approximately 1:20 a.m. after a fight broke out inside the venue. Another unnamed club patron was reportedly shot in the left arm.

"We did speak to this individual," Bell told the Free Press. "His musical performance name is Trick Trick. I’m confirming he’s a local rapper."

Conversely, Trick Trick told at least one Detroit area radio station that the reports are false, and he neither performed nor attended any club or bar during the time of the shooting. Meanwhile Jim Jones gave Hot 97's Miss Info an ambiguous non-denial denial of the allegations.

"Shout out to Trick Trick, I hope he gets better," Jones said. "The Detroit clubs are tricky [and] they got a lot of problems out there." Jones also denied reports that he was involved and that a female associate of his was shot.

Currently no arrests have been made in the shooting incident.

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